Quality Control

At Rockhill Pharmacy, our goal is 100% accuracy. Every order. Every day.

We like to think that we’re obsessed with perfection and prevention.

Documentation and Administration. Our checking process includes documentation and administration, such as “Split Sig” labeling with large, easy to read lettering; weekly reminders on refills; pre-printed admission forms, including the Physician Order Sheet and Medication Administration Record; and color-coded pass cards.

We’ve tested these systems, and most facilities find that there is a noticeable difference in their operations. Errors are reduced or eliminated, and paperwork is minimized. Ultimately, time is saved.

Then, we take quality control a step further with medication utilization tracking.

Medication Utilization Tracking. This means that we track whether residents are actually getting their medications as prescribed by the physician. We know that there can be lapses in administration even when medications are documented on the Medication Administration Record.

So, we’ll check when pharmaceuticals are due for refill, such as ophthalmic medications, inhalers and injections, and if medication is still available past the refill date, we know that there is a problem. We can help you stay in compliance.

Storage and Control of Medications. We also provide on-site consulting regarding proper storage, as well as control of medications.

Rockhill Pharmacy understands that your facility is as unique as the residents you support. Our experience can give you fresh insight into changes that will streamline your delivery system. From medication room design and enhancements to supplying custom medication carts, we are there for you.

Prior Authorizations/Claims Billing. Finally, prior authorizations and claims billing can occasionally be an afterthought, and we would like to make this easy for you.

Our billing specialists know health insurance. They are there to assist with prior authorizations, Medicare Part D support, and they’ll even directly bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for all prescriptions. We will work to prevent any interruption in patient medication delivery.

Rockhill Pharmacy will be your partner in quality control.

If you are interested in becoming a customer or for more information about Rockhill Pharmacy’s quality control, contact contactus@rockhillpharmacy.com or call 816.799.0123.