Consulting Services

At Rockhill Pharmacy, our customers are our partners, and they always come first.

Therefore, two-way communication is extremely important. And consulting is a core part of who we are.

We are diligent in our pledge to you.  We are large enough to meet your needs. We are small enough to know your needs.

Thus, we are continually working to share our knowledge when it can improve quality of life, quality of care, or even quality of operations.

Drug Regimen Review. Our pharmacists are experts in drug regimen review. They can help customers control medication use and cost by reducing unnecessary and inappropriate medications and by using disease management programs to help improve the quality of life of residents.

For that reason, our customers can expect that one of our highly qualified pharmacists will perform an expert in-house drug review.

The pharmacist will determine proper drug utilization and identify potential problems related to administering drugs to residents. We know and understand all state and federal regulations. (We do not use nurse consultants because we feel there is more direct benefit from a pharmacist review).

Quality Assurance Reports. Customers will receive comprehensive quality assurance reports detailing the findings and recommendations during the review. You do not have to wait. Our reviews are immediate.

Plus, if requested, the pharmacist will attend subsequent quality control meetings at the facility.

Observation and Inspections. We also offer medication pass observation and nursing station, medication room and cart inspections.

Our pharmacy manager, Stacy Bell, has over 30 years of experience with consulting services and is eager to become a part of the team through a close working relationship with everyone from physicians to nurses to dietitians.

You will always have the best possible support if you partner with Rockhill Pharmacy.