In the traditional sense, the history of Rockhill Pharmacy started when we opened our doors on January 16, 2001 in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.

Yet the concept of who we are today essentially emerged several decades earlier through the vision of our founder, Owen Gahagan. Certainly, it was the development of Rockhill Manor on December 4, 1972, that marked the start of Owen’s long and spirited pursuit to serve those requiring specialized care.

Rockhill Manor, an “Assisted Living Campus” which provides supported housing for people who have been diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, was the first step in his plan to provide the most comprehensive long-term care available in a private setting.

Today Rockhill Manor, flanked by Gilham Park, the Plaza, and the historic Southmoreland neighborhood, is nestled on peaceful grounds complete with brick pathways, a cascading fountain, fragrant magnolia trees, and smiling, tenured staff.

By developing the model for comprehensive mental health care, Rockhill Manor ultimately contributed to the development, vision and success of Rockhill Pharmacy. It was Owen’s belief that pharmaceutical care shouldn’t be created for a care facility, but rather that pharmaceutical care should be created by a care facility.

At first Owen focused on ensuring that one client, Rockhill Manor, was satisfied. Every procedure, process and plan was executed in pursuit of 100% accuracy. The team persevered through high costs and low volumes. Owen hired the best talent, sought time-tested approaches, and then improved upon all of it.

Now, the conclusive evidence is that Rockhill Pharmacy is Simply Better when it comes to meeting the needs of Missouri’s long-term care facilities. We have optimized our business model, carving out a niche among a broad range of customers, from children to adults, and from nursing care to behavioral treatment and rehabilitation centers. 

Then, as an added benefit, we share internal processes and expertise from Rockhill Manor with our pharmacy customers. It’s transparent consulting that we hope will set the benchmark with our partner facilities across the states of Missouri and Kansas.

At Rockhill Pharmacy our ultimate criterion is our level of service. It’s about our experienced drivers. Our broad expertise. Our electronic tracking. Our obsessive delivery logistics. Our easy set-up for new customers. Our extraordinary flexibility. Our emergency power back-ups. And continued improvement … that never ends.

It’s about being Simply Better and becoming a partner to our customers in improving the quality of life for their residents.