Pharmacy Services

Service is something we take very seriously at Rockhill Pharmacy. And, when it comes to Pharmacy Services, we believe our boutique approach to services cannot be matched. We are always listening to our customers.

Our customers have asked us to reduce their paperwork, to provide them with current industry knowledge, and to improve their service delivery. We responded. Our customers have asked us to provide emergency on-call services after-hours, to have our drivers and pharmacists perform on-site services, and to supply custom medication carts. We responded again. And, finally, our customers have asked us to be very particular about how change is applied at Rockhill Pharmacy. For instance, they don’t want us to add something just because it sounds nice. It really has to work. No problem. Consider it done.

Our founder, Owen Gahagan, always said, “I will never make a change unless it benefits our customers.” So there you have it. Our customers always come first. Yes, we are Simply Better.